The Edge of Empire is set in the Forgotten Realms, and will take adventurers from 1st level to Epic level and beyond.

We play every Wednesday evening starting at 8 and ending at 12:00.

The campaign uses published materials, but drastically alters them to weave in the backgrounds, goals, and personalities of the PC’s.

There is a heavy emphasis on roleplaying, narrative, and collaborative storytelling and a lesser emphasis on strategy, though there is a fair amount of combat involved.

Players new to RPG’s and new to D&D have been encouraged to join.

One hundred years after the Spellplague ravaged the cosmos and brought chaos to Faerun, the land called the Grey Vale is utterly bereft of heroes. The expansionistic empire of shadows, Netheril, represents a grave and growing threat, as does the continued aggression of a corrupted Waterdeep.

Those few brave souls who rise to confront the darkness quickly fade away, leaving only half-remembered tales, like those of the Company of the Scepter Tower, who defended Moonstair from invasion, ended the slave trade along the Greyflow River, and finally destroyed the mythical Otherworlder, whose evil had corrupted the Grey Vale for centuries. But they went to Waterdeep to confront a powerful Baron and never returned. That was eight years ago.

Today, Waterdeep has soldiers stationed in every town along the Greyflow River and up to the Obelisks on the Grey Plane that mark the new boundary with Netheril. The Masked Lords that rule Waterdeep have been corrupted, and are now commonly believed to be under the influence of Netheril’s gloom. Unmolested, shadowy dragons fly over the rivers and roads, picking and choosing whom they will devour. If there are any powerful enough to stop them, they do not care, or dare not act.

Now in control of Sembia and Waterdeep, the Dark Empire has turned its eye toward Cormyr. Only one kingdom stands between Netheril and Cormyr’s ultimate destruction: the small, theocratic kingdom of Elturgard, where night never falls.

Netheril rarely acts directly, and certainly not with darkness against a kingdom of constant light, but already they threaten the kingdom with indirect action, and Elturgard’s fall is only a matter of time. But a few remain who care enough to challenge Netheril: Evereska, Cormyr, the people of Torm and Moradin and the old Sun God, the folk of Silverymoon.

Even now, they are arraying what forces they may to fight an enemy of shade and subterfuge and to attempt what other, greater heroes have failed to do: push back the growing edge of empire.

The Edge of Empire

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