The Edge of Empire

Black Ops Report 10062

Written in Eladrin code:

report 10062
17th day of Woodmonth, 1472 DR, Year of the Salt Hawk

We have retaken the pass at Bordin’s Watch. We were aided in our venture by some of the Paladins of Torm of Cormyr, though their captain was not disposed to give us aid. Jantus is his name, and on meeting me his first question was not, “What aid can you give?” but “Are you of a noble house?” My answer, that I served a noble house and held the rank of captain in the army of Evereska, did nothing to sway him. I mistrusted him greatly, and chose not to mention my grandfather’s name and rank.

He insisted that I prove my worthiness by fighting one of their company in hand-to-hand combat. Though I refused at first, pointing out that to set ally against ally in a time of war was the height of foolishness, he persisted, and it became clear to me that expedience demanded I take on this battle. I faced a woman, Jahir, also a Paladin of Torm, and we were well matched. At the end, both of us nearly spent, she agreed to a draw. Agreed that the stupidity of continuing to fight was obvious. She and fourteen others of Jantus’s company of twenty-five then rode out with us to retake the pass.

We also mustered a large company of pesantry, several ranks of rangers, the remaining Dwarves, mostly grizzled old men with weapons that had seen action in the Spellplague Wars and before, and I found myself leading a cohort of thieves and cutthroats, after their leader approached me and requested my command. They were strong, able fighters, who well understood my ways.

The battle was pitched at the pass itself, which was closed off by avalanche — the old Dwarven trap that Arakos and Kirshakru had activated before. Though there were many deaths, there was at the last, victory for our forces. For now the pass is secured.

I write now to ask for my next steps. Tertius, the Paladin from Eltur, is the closest thing here to a representative of Elturgard’s king, and he is young and inexperienced, though I see potential there. As my assignment was to provide aid to the kingdom of Elturgard, I will, if no further direction comes from Evereska, continue to do so. I believe the party of “irregulars” I have been working with is a strong one, and I will endeavor to keep us together as a unit until it becomes clear there is any other better strategy.

To this my true seal I set: Faegin Gildorean, Captain, Shade Stalkers of Evereska

P.S. Hiron, if you find an idle moment, tell my mother and grandmother I am well, and I wish for warmer socks. ~FG

In the few shadows granted under Elturgar’s unsetting second sun, Faegin seals the scroll and activates the charm upon it, which calls a hawk down from the sky to take and deliver his message.



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