The Edge of Empire

Shadowed Retreat

The twin suns of Overlook-Triel shone down upon the ragged band traversing the southern road. Behind them the weathered city gates slowly shrank behind the trees blocking the horizon. The unwitting peasant folk surely still waited patiently for entry, hoping to trade their wares in the sun-shadowed city. A wry grin slowly emerged on Arakos’ face. “They Shadowed City,” he murmured beneath his breath. Ahead of him, Faegin shifted slightly at the words, the keen Eladrin’s hearing picking up the whispered comments of the leather-clad Elf.

The heavy-footed cadence of the dwarves in the party could be felt reverberating from behind. The group had been joined by Dirkund just before setting out towards destinations unknown. Dirkund had hurried to catch us on the road, his angry words announcing his approach as he vented his frustration to any who would listen. It would seem the Spirits would have another join us on our journey. A welcome addition on the road ahead.

The wary looks of the guards during our exodus from the city could not differ further from the reception we received upon returning from the mountain only days prior. They do what they are instructed to do. I can respect their adherence to duty and the honor they do their position. They only wish to protect their city against those whom would do it harm.

Despite what the leaders of the ill-fated city believe, the presence of two suns will not stop the shadows stalking within the city walls this time. A corruption has entrenched itself within the walls. The Council of the Knot is being played as pawns, their own prejudices and fears turned against them unknowingly. In this time of need I fear the city needs us more than ever, however our help is not wanted. I can only hope the continued efforts of The Whispering Legion can save the citizens within the walls. My instincts tell me, however, it is only a matter of time before the city falls from within. We leave behind the walking dead.

It is with a burdened mind and heavy heart that I begin my journey east towards Evereska. Faegin has been summoned by his mysterious employers. Amidst all this, I have yet to come to terms with the actions of Kirshakru. I struggle to understand the mind of a being so different than myself. Given the recent moral choices I have seen unfold before my eyes, I feel I must remain alert. I do not believe Kirshakru thought he did wrong, but I can not accept a gift in such light. I feel this journey shall be a learning experience for both of us.

Despite this, The Irregulars have been thru much together and I find myself more at ease with this band. It is a strange sensation, having journeyed alone for so long, but the spirits will what may be. Our paths are interwoven. The Spirits shuttle us thru the loom. The question is what tapestry shall unfold.



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