Angiledhel's friend and traveling companion, now sidelined due to injury.


Lo’kag is a Goliath and loyal friend to Angilhedel. He hails from the Desertmouth Mountains, the rocky wildnerness where the elf saved his life.

The two of them travelled into Loudwater down the Greyflow River in the company of Jack Jones, where they were set upon by bandits.

They surrendered to the bandits, allowing the bandit leader to steal certain unknown contents from the boat.

Lo’kag stayed behind in Loudwater while his friend ventured with the others into the Chelimber Swamp toward Spellguard.

While in Loudwater, Lo’kag worked for Glasur at the docks and discovered a slave-trade business along the river. He “commandeered” a vessel upriver and got ahead of the group, who were mucking through the Swamp. He camped near the river, waiting for Angilhedel, but got waylaid by Kobolds.

His leg crushed to pieces and infected, Lo’kag recovered Monastery of the Precipice under the care of Sister Cherra. The two are now a couple, and reside in the Scepter Tower.


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