A gruff but kind-hearted dwarf who runs a curiosity shop in Loudwater.


Garwain owns Garwain’s Curiosities in Loudwater. Business is not great, since there are few adventurers traveling the Grey Vale these days, who would buy or sell the sorts of things found in Garwain’s shop.

People tend to hang around the shop to socialize or browse, or for other, less savory reasons, so it was no surprise to Garwain when boy named Finn started lurking about.

Garwain put on the rough act to scare him off. After all, from the way the kid was dressed and the way his skin hung on his bones, it was obvious he wouldn’t be making a purchase. But the kid seemed oblivious to Garwain’s prickliness, like he saw right through him.

So, making the best of the situation, Garwain put him to work.

No one could ever accuse the kid of being too bright, that’s for sure. But he was a hard worker, strong as an ogre, and made every effort to understand and remember whatever Garwain told him. The kid started showing up every day, often around mealtimes. And that was all right with Garwain.

One day, Finn was looking through a crate of old books Garwain had just purchased from a penniless noble on his way to Spellguard. They weren’t worth much. Most were out of date.

But Finn took a liking to one of the books. It had some old pictures in it of Lathander and some of his heroes. Colorful stuff.

Garwain never understood human gods, with their cloying and obnoxious interest in matters below. In return for a good dwarf’s laud, the Gods should mind their business until you’re dead, then welcome you into their hall, not spend their time looking over your shoulder or prodding you in the back to do this thing or that. Besides, this God, this Lathander, was supposed to be dead.

But Finn took a shine to him and he was old enough, by then, to make his own decisions. To make his own way, too. So when Finn said it was time for him to take Lathander’s word out into the world, who was Garwain to stand in his way?

He carefully crafted a bit of armor for Finn. It wasn’t much. He was a long way from his ancestors’ forge. Bits and pieces of discarded junk, mostly. But it had just enough magic in it that it might keep the kid safe.

He bid Finn farewell and then prayed to his god, just this once, to look below and keep this one safe.

More recently, Garwain and his shop were attacked by Goblins, who apparently wanted the return of a horn-shaped dagger with magical properties.

The goblins failed in their mission due to timely intervention from a smattering of adventurers who’d each come to town for their own purpose.

Garwain accused the adventurers of stealing the item, but finally calmed down and realized he was mistaken. He eventually sold it to Hosvir, who has given it to Una to use.


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