Elven druid who is sometimes a mountain lion


Name: Angiledhel Ironstar, son of Ardomiel, of the House of Findwallae

Angiledhel’s Journal

Aliases: Gil, Seisho

Race: Elf

Age: 74, appears to be about 27 (that is to say, physically mature and mentally/emotionally still kind of an emo tween in Elf terms)

Sex: Male

Physical Appearance

Height: 5’9"

Weight: 150

Hair: Long, straight and leaf brown. Glossy. Pulled back into braids near the face to keep it out of his eyes.

Eyes: Starlight grey; large, slightly almond shaped. Heavy lids under angled brows.

Skin: Pale tan.

Facial Features: Typically elvish, sharp and angular with high cheekbones. No facial hair. Pointed ears.

Other Physical Traits: Typical elvish build: slender, broad shouldered, athletic and muscular.

Handedness: Right.

Voice: Low tenor, higher pitched when he’s speaking Elvish than when he’s speaking Common tongue

Identifying Marks: Three platinum hoops in left ear, jagged scar across the back of his right leg, massive and very recent scar across his midsection from a dragon’s bite. Typical archer’s callouses.

Usual Clothing: Very high-quality Elven raiment in shades of brown and grey, with cinder-grey, feyhide armor made from the skin of a gryffon. Light-weight, densely woven, waterproof Elven cloak over that, an indeterminate shade somewhere between black and green, that affords an ease in slipping into shadows.

Leather belt from which hang several utility pouches. A well-used black lacquer scabbard housing an ornately hilted elven sword ornamented with a holly-leaf crest and a red gem. The blade of the sword shows damage from Gil’s brief time in the Abyssal Plains of Rust.

In a pouch around his neck he carries a small carven amber totem of an owl, inset with turquoise and jet. It is a powerful magical focus for him. He also wears a magical amulet of resolve, that bolsters his fighting ability, and what looks like a small magnifying lens on a chain, through which he can divine the nature of any portal.

Living Situation: Until several years ago, lived in his family’s estate in Myth Drannor. Then lived in a treehouse he built himself in the sparse alpine woods of the Desertmouth Mountains. Now traveling, taking his rest when he needs it in what comfort he can find: the bare ground if he must, tree-built nests in the countryside, or at an inn when in a town. When he is in residence at the Scepter Tower, he has his own chambers in an upper floor of the tower.


Fighting Style: Trained in classical elvish weaponry for the upper classes: long and short bow, dagger, long and short elven swords. Since acquiring druidic power, uses a magical Staff of Storms, and weapons of primal magic, most especially those which call upon lightning and thunder.

Preferred Weapons: Staff of Storms, longbow, shortbow, Elven long sword, morningstar, flail, dagger.

Magic: Elemental magic user and Druid. Can summon an animal messenger such as an owl or bat. Can shapeshift into a panther form and attack in this form; into a very small animal form such as a mouse or spider, for sneaking and spying; into a raven form and fly, and into the form of Fukurokami the Primeval Owl. Flame Seeds, Storm Spike, Frost Flash, Faerie Fire, Wall of Thorns, etc.

Strengths: Ranged fighting. Perceptive. Nature-wise. Can move very fast. Dextrous.

Weaknesses: Not very strong. Less skilled in melee fighting. Not particularly charismatic. Unable to use metal armor.



General Personality Traits: Haughty, suspicious, keeps to himself. Prefers animals and nature to the company of most humanoids. Like most elves, has a love for nature, arts and crafts.

Quirks: Likes to make miniature wooden sculptures. Carries a tiny scrying stone that is useful for finding lost objects if you know what you are looking for and it’s nearby. Carries a piece of flourite that once belonged to his best friend and lover Elchelmon.

Sexual Orientation: Elven (which is to say, when you live that long, there’s pretty much nothing you won’t try, except maybe the undead.)

Gifts/Talents: Skilled with the bow and all ranged weapons. Excellent dark vision. Command of elemental nature magic, especially lightning and thunder based magic. Shapeshifter. Animals often like him. Skilled wood carver. Highly perceptive.

Flaws: Suspicious, mistrustful, takes things too seriously, moody, arrogant.

Religion: Follower of Erevan Illesere, Elven god of chaos. Makes sacrifices of found objects at completely unpredictable intervals.

Philosophy: Most people are only out for themselves and not to be trusted.

Likes and Loves: Good sex (who doesn’t?), cloudless moonlit nights, star gazing, sad music, the scent of pines, wild mushrooms. Owls.

Dislikes and Hates: Orcs, Drow and Dwarves, on general principle. Being dirty. Having to eat mollusks. Damsels in distress (of any gender) who wait around to be rescued and don’t try to solve their own problems.

Fears: Decapitation, dismemberment, paralysis, being caught by Ingerhol’s retainers.

Dreams and Ambitions: To return to Myth Drannor, overthrow the usurping Ingerhol, and restore the House of Findwallae to their rightful place as lords of Myth Dranor.


Family: Older sister, Eshadeal; Mother, Elessira; Father (deceased), Ardomiel

House: Of the lineage and house of Findwallae

Friends: Lo’Kag, a goliath. Adlindris of Findwallae, an elf of Myth Drannor. Elchelmon of Findwallae, an elf of Myth Drannor (missing and feared deceased following their failed coup d’etat)

Lovers: None at present. Elchelmon in the past. Gil continues to write letters to Elchelmon, though they go unanswered. (you can read them in Angiledhel’s Journal)

Hero: Thanantilis, an Elf of the Lost Realm who together with his companions: a gnome, a dwarf and a human, fought a great evil and sealed it away, with the sacrifice of their own immortal souls. Gil’s ancestor some 3000 years in the past. Angiledhel met Thanantilis in the Jade Eye, in the saga entitled The Return of Angiledhel

Enemies: Ingerhol of Ovare, and all his retainers and clansmen

Personal History: Angiledhel is the second child and first son of an elven fief lord who was on the wrong side in a feudal war. His father, Ardomiel, was killed; his sister, Eshadeal, promised to marry the young son of Ingherol of Ovare, the winning lord, to cement the new political structure. Angiledhel bided his time under Ingerhol’s rule for several years, before, together with several like-minded of his kindred, staging an assassination attempt on Ingerhol and his son. The attempt failed, Angiledhel’s treachery was discovered, his best friends slain or driven into hiding, and he was forced to flee.

He made his way to the mountains, and there discovered his afinity for nature-based magic. Through rigorous self discipline and effort, and with the help of his family’s god, Erevan Illesere, he began to master elemental magic—setting himself on the path to being a druid.

He evaded his hunters for several years, hiding in the mountains and perfecting his skills, living off the land. He shared the mountain with a tribe of goliaths, but they had no dealings with one another, and he hid his presence from them. A few of his surviving elven allies still managed to get word to him, and occasionally meet with him, but it was risky. For the most part, Angiledhel was a hermit, spending more time talking to his animal companions than anyone else.

One spring day several years into his exile, Angiledhel came across one of the goliath tribesmen, a young man called Lo’kag, who was on his vision quest as part of the rites of adulthod in his tribe. When Angiledhel found him, on the third day of his quest, Lo’kag was suffering from a snakebite, grievously ill and weakened, and at the mercy of a pack of wolves.

To this day, Angiledhel can’t explain what motivated him to intervene, but he did. He shapeshifted into wildcat form, charged the wolves and drove them away. Then resumed his elven form, treated the boy’s poisoning, brought him back to his tree house, and tended to his wounds.

Lo’kag was not entirely grateful. The shame of receiving outside aid, especially from one of the Fey, while on his vision quest, was insufferable. Angiledgel didn’t much care. When Lo’kag could walk again, Angiledhel led him back towards his tribe’s encampment, intending to leave him there.

A scouting party of elves changed all that. Angiledhel recognized their livery as belonging to the hated Ovarean usurpers of his family’s lands—his enemies. He didn’t wait to find out what they were here for, just vanished into the forest, leaving Lo’kag to make his own way back to his family.

The scouts were, in fact, hunting Angiledhel. They encountered Lo’kag, and recognized the touch of the Fey in the bandage Angiledhel had wrapped around Lo’kag’s leg. They conscripted Lo’kag into their service, to be their guide and sherpa through the mountains, as they pursued Angiledhel.

Angiledhel made it to a small town on the far side of the mountains before they caught up to him. By then, Lo’kag was aware that these other elves meant to kill the elf to whom he now owed a shameful life debt. He had no choice but to help Angiledhel.

Angiledhel and Lo’kag fled the village, after a violent midnight battle. Three elves and two humans lay dead in the village streets, but Lo’kag and Angiledhel made a clean escape. They have traveled together since, both now marked for death by the Ovarean elves loyal to Ingerhol. Though neither one wanted the other’s company at first, after many months together, they have an uneasy friendship.

Currently traveling with a group of adventurers who have come to be known as the Company of the Scepter Tower.


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