Eutocius is a paladin of Torm who once patrolled parts of Cormyr, assisting with local troubles, healing the sick, and protecting the people.

While dealing with an outbreak of sickness in a small Cormyran village, Eutocius met a very young Dositheus, orphaned by the plague, but strong enough to survive it. Eutocius took a liking to Dositheus and began to teach him the ways of Torm.

Years later, Eutocius is missing. Dositheus learn that Eutocius was seen by Jack Jones in the swamp village of Llorkh in search of a band of cultists who have apparently been abducting children.

Upon reaching Llorkh in search of Eutocius, the Order learns that Eutocius had hired Nelson Greaves, a professional swamp guide, to take him into the swamp in search of the cult.

But, before he would agree to be Eutocius’s guide, Nelson Greaves insisted that Eutocius help him find a lost cleric who was to make a special delivery to Llorkh.

While Nelson’s body was found, Eutocius’s was not. His broken shield was buried in the mud. The creatures in Stormcrow Tor said he was killed, but Cher Nettles said Eutocius was still alive.

Eutocius was found to be a prisoner of Naargash in the Sunken Temple, according to the testimony of Leopold.

The Company ventured to the Sunken Temple, negotiated with and finally did battle with Naargash, and freed Eutocius from the influence of the Jade Eye.

Eutocius is now alive and free, though not altogether himself, or altogether comfortable with the Company.


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