Airspur veteran, swordmage and former mercenary, now in exile


Name: Samir (the two syllables of his name that are most pronounceable to non-Primordial speakers) Race: Genasi (windsoul) Age: looks about 30. Acts like he’s been slowly tortured over at least twice that long. Sex: Male Physical Appearance: Dense, broad shouldered, and with meticulously correct posture from long years in the military. Height: 6’1” Weight: 230 lbs. Hair: None. A multitude of very short ice-like spikes Eyes: Blue with a washed out rim to the iris Skin: Pale blue with silvery energy lines. Facial Features: Unusually blunt and severe features for a genasi, with a facial expression generally vacillating between a perpetual scowl and a derisive smirk

Voice: Deep base sliding to a whisper at times. In conversation, precise enunciation that suggests careful choice in each phrase. When in the field, a sharp bark grown from too long in the military/as a mercenary.

Identifying Marks: A distinctive and elaborate acid burn scar just below his sternal notch.

Clothing: Armor made from the enchanted hide of a ghoul or similar creature. Heavy gauntlets. Otherwise, well-made but understated clothing well suited for heavy use, but devoid of ostentation or unnecessary decoration.

Living Situation: Spent the last several years – since his exile from Akanul – working his way up the ranks of House Azaer of Calimshan.


Fighting Style: A variation on the classic Shyran Anarch style, influenced by friendly rivalry with eladrin and Netherese swordmages he encountered when stationed in Airspur.

Preferred Weapons: Longsword in almost all situations. otherwise, Javelins, hammers, axes – anything he can throw while flying in close to bring his sword to bear.

Magic: Natural flight and resistance to elemental magic. A preference for a mobile skirmishing style, teleportation and elemental magic.

Strengths: Tough as nails, very mobile.

Weaknesses: Poorly suited to sniping – “that’s what archers are for.”



General Personality Traits:




Religion: None. The genasi escaped the tyranny of a Dawn Titan when the Blue Breath of Change pulled them from Shyr, and are still getting used to the idea of the Estelar.


Likes and Loves:

Dislikes and Hates:


Dreams and Ambitions:


Family: Two children, Farah and Aram, (former) wife Anahita, brother Navid

Descent: Grandson of the line of Parik-na, a prominent hero of Akanul’s defence against the Abolethic Sovereignty. Nephew of exiled Shaudran, who left Akanul for Calimshan, serving on the side of Calim upon arrival.

Friends: Respected comrades among the guards of House Azaer. No true friends, due to his exile from Akanul, where his name has been struck from the roll of genasi citizens.

Lovers: None at present.

Hero: Parik-na

Enemies: A profound loathing for the Abolethic Sovereignty. Retains a slight prejudice against dragonborn.

Personal History:


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