HP: 85 Spd: 6 Init: 6 AC: 22 Fort: 24 Ref: 19 Will: 20

Thaneborn Triumph Barbarian Athletics: 14 Endurance: 14 Intimidate: 13

Basic Attack: +15 Lifedrinker Greataxe 1d12+7 High Crit, When you drop an enemy to 0 or lower gain 5 temp hit points


Goeban’s Journal

Name: Goeban (given to him by his drow slave master, which means lunch in Elven)

Aliases: None

Race: Minotaur

Age: 16

Sex: Male

Physical Appearance

Height: 7’5”

Weight: 350 lbs

Fur: Dark brown

Eyes: Red.

Skin: Tan

Horns: Straight and pointed up

Identifying Marks: A seven legged spider has been branded into his left hand

Usual Clothing: Battered hide armor emblazoned with the symbol of Lloth and a loincloth Living Situation: Sleeps wherever its comfortable Skills

Fighting Style: Sloppy brutish hay makers

Preferred Weapons: Greataxe named Kaurophan (the Elven word for friend)

Weaknesses: Not smart, not wise, socially awkward

General Personality Traits: In general quite meek. Curious about the world but fearful of others. Has a severe temper when pushed too far…

Quirks: dumb as a board, always hungry

Sexual Orientation: Childlike. Having grown up a slave among drow with none of his kind, he currently has no knowledge of sexuality.

Gifts/Talents: Life as a slave has made him strong and tough. The last year as a gladiator has quickly taught him martial combat.

Flaws: Trusts indiscriminately

Religion: He does not understand religion. Thinks it works like a master/slave relationship. Has a strong hatred of Lloth.

Philosophy: Stop poking me…HULK SMASH!

Likes and Loves: anyone who shows kindness

Dislikes and Hates: slavery, drow

Fears: being enslaved, dying alone, having no value

Dreams and Ambitions: To destroy the drow clan that he escaped from


Family: Unknown

House: Unknown

Friends: Hosvir, or at least Goeban thinks so

Personal History:

Goeban has lived his entire life in servitude. He was taught early on that he was worthless and lived only to serve his mistress, Wuyonxae’wiira of house Do’und, and her family. Until he was 14, he spent most of his life doing hard labor.

One fateful day he was put in a covered wagon and taken to what he later learned was the battle arena. The mistress thought to use Goeban to earn money for the family through gladiatorial combat. Clearly, a large muscular minotaur would excel in the pit. Goeban, however, had not be raised among his kind and had no battle spirit. The carrion crawler he encountered made short work of him and nearly killed him before the handlers could pry the creature away.

Humiliated, Wuyonxae’wiira took her slave back home. She hired drow trainers, but they proved to be ineffective in giving him any competence. Wuyonxae’wiira grew desperate and hired an outsider, an orc as a final trainer to Goeban. She told him that if he did not learn to fight, that he would not live another day. The orc, Gamorg, seemed to have an effect that seemed to not be a complete disaster. In truth Goeban was enthralled to find another sentient species that was not the same as his mistress. Overjoyed, Wuyonxae’wiira hired Gamorg to train Goeban full time.

Each arena match following increased in intensity as Goeban excelled in bloodshed. Unbeknown to Goeban it was Gamorg who aided him in escaping his bonds. While Gamorg had little love for Goeban, he could not watch the drow destroy his creation. The evening of Goeban’s escape, he replaced his adamantite bonds with iron and killed the guard tasked with watching the minotaur. He used Goeban’s gladiator weapon and left it out, so that the creature could find it.

That night a drow man from house Meltyl had paid Gamorg for the privilege of torturing Gamorg to cripple him for the next day’s match. He was quite surprised when Gamorg broke free from his bonds and broke Greyylene’s spirit free from his body. After his rage subsided Goeban ran out of his cell in terror for fear of the punishment of killing one of the drow. Shocked to find the guard dead, Goeban was relieved to find his weapon and armor in the room. Unable to piece together what had actually happened, he ran away from his captors and did not stop to look back until several hours later. From there, he wandered the underdark until coming across the carnage of another battle…


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