Death from Afar


Renthorn, Eladrin Hunter Ranger of Myth Drannor

~ ~ ~

Renthorn always had a strong sense of wanderlust. A trait he shared with many Eladrin. So, when he bid his family farewell to explore other worlds, this came as little surprise to those who knew him. Few worried about his being able to survive the adventure. Living in the capricious Feywilds soon shows the mettle of an Eladrin and Ren had impressed the people of his village at an early age with his skills at archery and navigating the wilds.

Ren set out to explore the alien world of Faerun roughly 130 years ago. He was surprised to find such evil amongst the orderly societies of Men. Certainly, the Feywild was filled with dangers, but none so deceptive as that which promises the safety of a city which will callously strip you of all worth and leave you to rot in a worthless prison of a life, scraping to get by, day to day.

Ren saw this time & again and realized that if Faerun were to be saved, it needed a strong influence from the Feyfolk. When the Spellplague hit almost 100 years ago, Ren saw it as a chance for Faerun to start anew. In his heart, he pledged to help the Feyfolk establish a strong influence. He traveled to Myth Drannor and made his skills available for whatever the kingdom required.

His wanderlust being what it was, he gravitated to patrolling the Cormanthor Forest with the other scouts and rangers. There were and indeed, still are, a great many creatures always threatening the borders of Myth Drannor. Ren relished the challenge of taking on the many monsters he encountered. He did not, however, enjoy the dangers represented by encountering the Drow in the Forest realm of his new home.

It was through an extended campaign against the goblins that Ren had his first run-in with the Drow. The goblins’ attacks and movements were far more clever than anything they had done in the past. Every time the goblins were engaged, a clue to this behavior was on the mind of every Elf and Eladrin. The answer came when Ren tracked the remnants of a goblin party to a cave. In the cave three Drow were upset to see the goblins arrive. Words were exchanged and the Drow killed all the goblins without pity.

Realizing he had a single opportunity to understand the greater machinations driving the goblins, Ren quickly ambushed the Drow. His surprise got the better of two of them. The real challenge was in keeping the last one alive. Surpise was Ren’s advantage again, when he put away his bow and drew his two shortswords to face the Drow in melee. Subduing the dark elf, Ren summoned his strength and immediately took his captive to the commanders of the Myth Drannor internal defense.

Through means which Ren did not care to know, it was learned that the Drow were going to pin the uprising of creatures in the Forest on the magical practices of Cormry, thus driving a wedge between two of the most powerful kingdoms of the Realms. This knowledge changed Ren’s outlook on the world. Clearly, there were greater threats to the kingdom than the beasts in the Forest and Ren must work to quell them.

This view was solidified when the Drow was executed. Having been the one to defeat and capture her, Ren asked to be the one to end the Drow’s life. It was only fitting.

Upon entering the cell, Ren looked into the Drow’s eyes and simply stated, “I’m setting you free.”

What glimmer of hope that swam in the Drow’s eyes quickly faded as she saw the look on Ren’s face. She spat at Ren’s feet, in defiance. “Aren’t you a slave to these Elven nobles? Hypocrite!”

Ren sighed, “You don’t understand, I choose to work with them, for I know the power that can come from establishing a place for Feyfolk in this world. What have you been working for? The next coin? The next scrap of bread? The next whore? Your life has had no true meaning. I set you free, to contemplate this in the next life.”

These words hit the Drow like a hammer. Her resolve crumpled and she wept. Ren quietly gave her solace, knowing that she wept not for the loss of her life, but for having never truly lived one.

When she collected herself, she spoke. “The Netherese,” she said. “Beware the Netherese. They wish to conquer the middle Realms, the Dalelands and all surrounding areas. Cutting the continent in two will make it easier to exert their control over everyone.”

“Thank you child, now, find peace.” With these words, Ren slipped her a sleeping potion he had stolen from the military supplies and slit her throat after it took effect. That night, he carried her body out to the Forest and buried her. He took a small pendant from her neck; a crystal ball held in a dragon’s claw. Ren removed it from the chain and put it in his pocket. It serves as a reminder that Ren must keep a clear vision of his own life, lest he befall the same fate as the Drow spy.

Ren relayed the Drow’s last message to his commanders and enlisted in making stronger diplomatic ties with Cormyr. This took him along the route between the two kingdoms. His duties were mixed; monster-clearing sweeps of the path, escort missions for messengers, or carrying messages himself. No matter the task, Ren put his heart in it, knowing he was helping to build a better place for his people.

Recently, the Cormyr-driven missions had lessened. This concerned Ren greatly. He knew that it was a constant effort to keep allied forces in touch, especially with such a strong threat to the North. His inquiries and observations found that the ruling noble house had turned their energy to self-serving ends. Ren realized that he must redirect his energies once again. The ruling house must fall if the Feyfolk were to have a home in the Realms. To this end, he has sought out agents to aid him in this goal. This search led him to a possible new ruler of Faerun. Having pledged his cause to this Elf, Angiledhel Ironstar, Ren hopes that Gil will be the leader the Feyfolk need.


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