The Cast

Here are the characters that comprise our tale.

The Company of the Scepter Tower
Our intrepid heroes! Originally brought together to save Lady Saharel the Oracle of the Scepter Tower, the Company now calls the Scepter Tower its own. Membership has changed over time. Today, their number includes:

The Company’s Living Enemies
  • The Netherese Empire – An empire of shadow that is bent on expansion by surreptitious and murderous means. Its agents have threatened the stability of the entire region.
  • Paldemar – A shadar-ki wizard apparently allied with the Netherese Empire.
  • Hexis – A gnome wizard’s assistant who stole his master’s spellbook from the Scepter Tower after the Company took possession of it.
  • Barthus – The vampire in the basement. Barthus killed the paladin Dositheus and still resides in the complex of tombs below the Scepter Tower.
  • House Azaer – One of the major commerce houses of the known realms, House Azaer seeks answers from the Company concerning the mysterious disappearance of its princess, Fatima.
  • Ingerhol – Ruler of Myth Drannor after usurping the throne, Ingerhol seeks Angiledhel for questioning and probable execution for an attempt on his life. An emissary from Ingerhol to the Scepter Tower was killed, thus ensuring the enmity of Myth Drannor’s ruling family.
The Company’s Allies
  • Lady Saharel the Oracle of the Scepter Tower – A mysterious, ghostly figure who appears to pilgrims and gives them counsel of the future!
  • Mama Nettles, Cher Nettles, Orin Nettles – Three refugees saved by the Company from the ruined town of Llorkh, and resettled Spellguard. Each member of the family seems to have some limited precognitive ability.
  • Allendi – The caretaker of Spellguard and the head of the Council that operates the small town. He runs The Monastery of the Precipice, a small monastery that houses and cares for those who seek the Oracle.
  • Lo’kag- An old friend of Angiledhel’s who has traveled with the elf since his exile from Myth Drannor. A crippling injury has forced Lo’kag into a more stationary life, and he currently resides in the Scepter Tower with his companion, Sister Cherra. He is personally responsible for the security of the Scepter Tower.
  • Sister Cherra – A healer and Lo’kag’s companion, she runs the small shrine in Spellguard.
  • Corvyr – One of the early members of the Company, Corvyr is now the Captain of the Guard of the growing town of Spellguard, where the Company’s the Scepter Tower stands.
  • Garwain – Finn’s dwarven mentor and friend, Garwain runs a small curio (and junk) shop in Loudwater.

Other Important Figures
Not everyone can be easily categorized as enemy or ally. Not yet, anyway. Here are some characters who at times help or hinder the Company.

  • Crexis Perplexis – Enslaved alongside Finn during his time in the City of Brass, Crexis accompanied him back to their home plane. He is currently working to help Finn design and construct a temple to Lathander, but has also shown a more-than-healthy curiosity about the contents of Hosvir’s lab.
  • Goeban – Mama Nettles discovered Goeban in the underground labyrinth beneath the Thunderspire Mountains, and brought him to Spellguard. Goeban has run afoul of Hosvir for attempting to steal the Jade Eye, but seems somewhat indispensable due to his particular affinity with the object. He has recently died, but his severed head remains in the care of Hosvir, for the time being.
  • Pria – A shaman of one of the many aboriginal tribes that wander the plane that stretches north of Spellguard, Pria came to the Scepter Tower hoping to see the Oracle. She is infatuated with Goeban. An adept healer, she is currently helping to care for the wounded of Moonstair.
  • Baron Perenon – A Baron of Waterdeep, whose troops have recently taken control of the Keep that neighbors the Scepter Tower.
  • Captain Wellborne – Baron Perenon’s right-hand man and Captain of the troops stationed at the Keep.

Absent Friends
These are companions who are not with the Company now, but who are well regarded or remembered fondly. Their legacies remain important to the Company’s current advantures.

  • Jack Jones – An original member of the Company known for his frequent disappearances and reappearances, Jack Jones, aka Moonflower, is a female dressed as a man who is now known to be in thrall to a powerful White Dragon.
  • Dositheus – Dositheus, Paladin of Torm and original member of the Company, was slain by a vampire, Barthus, while exploring the tombs beneath the Scepter Tower. He sacrificed himself in order to preserve Una’s life.
  • Una Jorenssen – Dositheus’s friend and fellow escapee from the prison city of Wheloon, Una solved a riddle from the Oracle in order to rescue his mother and his lover from Netherese captivity. He has since retired with them to a peaceful village.
  • Adrik Skulldark – Found enslaved by a ring of bandits, Adrik saw the Company’s arrival as a good time to engineer his escape. He traveled in the group awhile, and accompanied Una into retirement.
  • Samir – Assigned by his boss, a Viceroy of House Azaer, to find Jack Jones after a bit of a scandal, Samir allied himself with the Company in hopes that they would lead him to the bard, and to evidence of the Viceroy’s malfeasance. Samir was sucked into Paldemar’s Demon Gate, and his atoms were spread throughout the Elemental Chaos.
  • Rendil – A trouble-finding halfling and father of a young boy, Rendil lives in what remains of the Seven-Pillared Hall, attempting to rebuild the family business after the disastrous fish-disease and the disastrous explosion that changed the Hall forever.
  • Kala

The Cast

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