The Setting

The Company of the Scepter Tower operates in a world where there are very few heroes. Magic went wild 100 years ago and the heroic deeds that once defined Faerun are largely consigned to legend. But nothing stays buried in Faerun, for good or for ill. Here are the Places, Things, and Acquaintances that have helped to define their adventures.

Here are the places the Company or its members have been, roughly in order of scale or current importance.

Here are some other places of great importance or influence that the Company has not yet visited.

  • Myth Drannor – Former home of Angiledhel, ruled by his enemy, the usurper king Ingerhol.
  • Waterdeep – A metropolitan city-state to the west that is now making sorties into The Fallen Lands in order to secure the area against a potential invasion.
  • [The Netherese Empire – An expansionistic empire of shadow and magic that lies to the northeast. Only The Fallen Lands separate Waterdeep from the Netherese.

Lore The storied history of Faerun has a profound impact on the lives of our heroes. Here are a few of the forces, ideas, and stories that currently move and matter to the Company.

Things Past Acquaintances, deceased enemies and allies
Here are the many sentients who have passed in and out of the Company’s lives, sometimes quite literally, and who no longer bear reference as current enemies or allies.

The Setting

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