The Story So Far

Here are the exploits of the Company of the Scepter Tower and, after the Company’s demise, the Irregulars, as told from different points of view.

When last we left our Heroes…

…the Company of the Scepter Tower was no more, its core mysteriously vanished after a fateful trip to Waterdeep to negotiate with a powerful noble. The Scepter Tower is controlled by a vampire, its surrounding lands under Netherese influence, but there are yet a few who offer hope against the gathering gloom. A new band of heroes meets in Elturgaard and defends the city against an attack from the Serpent Kingdom provoked by agents of Netheril. They become the town’s heroes, only to be cast down from that lofty perch through the trickery and deceit of an enemy agent. Now, banished from the city, they travel to the legendary elven city of **** to give aid against an unknown threat.


  • Faegin, an Eladrin agent of Evereska.

Deceased or Retired Character Journals

The members, friends, and allies of the Company wrote letters and journals, or let us in on their private musings. Here’s their story from their own perspective.

DM Synopses

Here are DM Synopses of all the adventures to date (more or less, with some skipping).


Part 1: The Company of the Scepter Tower

Part 2: The Ties that Bind

Part 3: The Ruling Class

Part 4: The Irregulars

The Story So Far

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