Skoulos is the Fell Wizard, one of three generals of P’lchrukk, aka The Otherworlder, who once ruled the area containing the Fallen Lands, the Swamp of Chelimber, and the Greyflow River.

According to Allendi, Skoulos died when he and the Ogre King were betrayed by the Warrior Priest. This betrayal allowed a group of ancient heroes to defeat P’lchrukk and seal him away under the Keep on the Shadowfell.

Skoulos is presumed to be the “Ol’ Wizard” that Mama Nettles discussed; the one who had an ancient pact with the town of Llorkh that proved to be the town’s eventual undoing.

According to Leopold, the cult priestess Naargash is attempting to revive Skoulos, using something called the Jade Eye to install his soul in the body of Eutocius.


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