the Jade Eye

The Jade Eye is an artifact that was instrumental in trapping a powerful alien entity called The Otherworlder in another realm in ancient times, banishing it from Faerun.

The Eye is powered by blood sacrifice. In ancient times, Angiledhel’s ancestor, Thanantilis, and his own crew of adventurers sacrificed their very souls in order to power the Jade Eye enough to create the Otherworlder’s other-dimensional prison.

For hundreds of years, The Jade Eye was kept secure in the Keep, which stood on the plain just below the Scepter Tower, its magic holding shut the portal which held the Otherworlder at bay.

Recently, the cult priestess Naargash stole the Jade Eye and used it attempt to install the soul of her master and lover, the wizard Skoulos into the body of Eutocius, Paladin of Torm.

Along with the other members of the Company, Hosvir interrupted this process took possession of the Jade Eye. Later, powering the eye with the willing sacrifice of Eutocius, Hosvir, used it to open a new portal into the Otherworlder’s prison, where the Company again trapped him.

Hosvir transported the eye to the Scepter Tower and secured it in his lab, where it sat unmolested while Hosvir was away.

Soon after Hosvir returned to the Scepter Tower, the Minotaur Goeban broke into Hosvir’s lab in an ill-advised attempt to discover its secrets. The Minotaur’s blood unwittingly activated a latent power within the Jade Eye: a giant map of the cosmos.

This development has led Hosvir and others to believe that Minotaurs have some clue to the origin and abilities of the Jade Eye.

the Jade Eye

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